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I Created This Blog To Give My Review,
If you are unaware of who or what Gautam Company (GC) is then please visit their official website to know more about them. Or just stay here and read my blog to know more about GC as my blog is reviewing their service. 
They are a Nepal Registered company, provide finest online job in Nepal after certain amount is paid to them. Gautam Company aims to provide Online Jobs in Nepal through Google Adsense. And no worries if you are not familiar with Adsense or Wordpress they will provide training to you. Also if you are not a resident of Kathmandu then you need not to worry as they can give you training for alternatives like Skype, to those who aren't form Kathmandu. They provide training through Team Viewer so they can provide their service throughout Nepal with ease.

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Gautam Company Rating By Me

Service Provided Time Period Rating
Service Received Wordpress And .xyz Domain, Adsense Account and Payoneer Mastercard
Total Price 10,000
Customer Support Skype, Phone And Email Available
Wordpress And Domain Delivered Within Few Days
Adsense Account Delivered Within 6 To 7 Days
Adsense Verified Pin Verified Within 3 Months + More
Payoneer MasterCard Yet To Receive - About 8 Month Passed

Hello, friends I am a one of the customer who used Gautam Company's serive and I would like to give absolute honest review of it.
I have used their service by paying 10,000 NPR after getting attracted by their Advertisements and Blog Atricles which says "Earn upto 15,000 every month from your home". One of the thing that I really liked in their advertisemnt which was the Youtube Videos they uploaded with their clients. Most of their customers stated and agree that they earned more than 10,000/month.

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Wordpress And Domain

I found this service of an avarage point, it used to get down most of the time but it reraly affected my earning.

Adsense Account

Very much happy to with adsense account they provided as it took less than a week or so.
But it took almost 3 month and more for Google Adsense PIN VERIFICATION.

Payoneer Master Card

This is worst, almost 8th month passed after payment of NPR 10,000 and I haven't received my Payoneer Master Card.

Biggest secret Gautam Company Dont Mention

They gurantee that you can earn about 20,000 Nepali rupees per month which is fairly true, if you work hard or work extra time then surely you can earn more than 20,000. But their is no Gurantee that you will be able to cashout. If you can't withdraw the money you've earn then there is no meaning of earning.

How Gautam Company Works For You

First of all they will provided you ".xyz" domian name and a Wordpress Blog. Then after that its time for you to provide your identification detail for your master card (Don't need to get excited it will take more than 4 month to receive your card, even I haven't mreceived my card yet). Now they will apply adsense for you and approve it for you. Then they will ask you to earn $10 by yourself to proceed next stage which is Pin Verification, mark my words it will take more than 3 months approx.? 3 and a half month if you ask. You will need to earn more than $100 which is Google Adsense minimum anount to cashout. And if you want to cashout your adsense account balance then it will be withdrawn to your (Payoneer) Mastercard.

"All this information and document sharing is done through Email."

Out of 5 I would give Gautam Company just 1.5/2 stars, one of the main reasons for this would be the technique they provide to earn money online in nepal is very risky and also has very slow service.
Its no secret that they provide Adsense to their customer to earn money and I believe it is an excellent choice to earn online but the trick or traning they provide is very risky. It can ban and has almost 60-70% chances that your adsense will get ban even before you get your back you invested amount.

  Note: This Is A Review Of An Individual Costumer Of Gautam Company In You Want To Suggest   Your Review Then Please Leave Comment.

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